Journal Changes

In July-August 2020, the institutional server was moved from the old server to the new server. As a result of this move, the old OJS version changed to the new OJS version. This move creates an error in the journal data file in the new OJS version and journal appearances. For this reason, in September 2020, JPFS has re-uploaded articles that were previously published and create and change journal appearances.

The following links can be accessed:

The Old OJS Version Link:

The New OJS Version Link:

Since September 2020, the Jurnal Pendidikan Fisika dan Sains (JPFS) has made changes to the template and style of the environment in the September issue (Volume 3 Number 2). These changes include the use of 1 column in writing articles that were previously 2 columns. This is done to make it easier for writers to write journals and reviewers in reviewing journals. Tempate is also served in Indonesian and English. In addition, to improve the quality of journals, the standard of writing at JPFS is improved. Some of these standards include the number of references, the review process is not only internal, the double blinded review process, the number of reviewers is added, and others.

The following are the template links that can be accessed:

The Old template Link:

The New template Link: